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Bring It! Studios: James Denton and Erin O’Brien Denton in Chanhassen




Bring It! Studios is not a celebrity fitness studio, although there is a well-known celebrity associated with the Chanhassen facility—someone who, much like his most famous on-screen character, actually has handled on-site building projects, which was to the great surprise of participants in a Heavy Hoops cardio class in early 2013.


Erin O'Brien: Finding Love and Joy in Movement

By Lucia Viti American Fitness Magazine, January 2012

Erin O’Brien is a celebrity fitness trainer and group exercise DVD personality on a mission to pay it forward. Touting an elite fitness résumé more than 20 years in the making, this 47-year-young mother of two—Sheppard, 8, and Malin, 6—defines motherhood and her passion for fitness as a calling to empower healthy moms andhealthy children. O’Brien, married to Desperate Housewives hunk James Denton, juggles family, fitness and fame, determined to revolutionize exercise for the next generation.

Fitness for the Forgotten

There is no question that actor James Denton keeps fit, especially for his roles on television.  But his wife is all about fitness as well.  Erin O’Brien Denton recently opened a gym in Chanhassen , but it isn’t a guy just for women that are super fit.  This gym focuses on what she calls, Fitness for the Forgotten.


Bring it Studios has several types of classes and are geared towards all types of people of all different sizes and ages.  On Sundays, Bring it Studios offers Family Boot Camp and you can even bring the kids.


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